We know the feeling of not being good enough or not qualified to pursue an art career or questioning if we should even consider ourselves as artists. 

The art world can feel polarizing or inaccessible to new emerging artists. We know what it’s like to feel too self-conscious or too underqualified to pursue an art career because we're going through it too.

If you are a new artist (or have ever questioned whether you can even identify as an artist in the first place), SGW is an inclusive and safe space for you to showcase your work without fear or judgement.

What we accept

  1. Photo Journals
    If you have a series of photographs that you'd like to share, send us a WeTransfer or Dropbox of at least 10-15 images and a short description (1-2 paragraphs). 
  2. Personal Essays
    If you have a story that you'd like to share, send us a draft and an introduction note. Please be specific and let us know why you think it would be perfect for She's Got Wonder. Essays must be 600-5,000 words. Note: Must be unpublished. 
  3. Videos
    Have a short film that you'd like to release through She's Got Wonder? Send us an unlisted link with a full description. 
  4. Illustrations and/or Collages
    If you have any illustrations or collages that you'd like to make for us, please send us samples of your work along with your portfolio and artist statement. 
  5. Music
    If you are a musician and would like to promote your latest song/EP/album, please send us a short description along with the artwork and link to your music. Feel free to include any music videos if you'd like! 


  1. We accept submissions from artists aged 18 and up.
  2. Please send us a clear and specific email. 
  3. Personal essays must be unpublished. 
  4. Must not be offensive! Please do a little bit of research before pitching your idea. We want She's Got Wonder to be an inclusive and safe space for everyone. 

We don't always accept submissions, but that doesn't mean that we don't like your work! It just means that this particular submission wasn't the right fit for us. We encourage you to keep going and keep pitching us ideas in the future! We appreciate you so so so much!