7 Winter Essentials for Men

1. Overcoat/Peacoat
An overcoat is a must-have essential for the colder months. Perfect for a variety of occasions, it can be paired with a hoodie and sneakers for a casual look or a shirt and tie for more formal occasions. Pictured above is the wings + horns Melton Wool Peacoat. Buy it now from Wings + Horns

2. Black Beanie
Keeping your head and ears warm is crucial in chilly winter temperatures. Warm, versatile and comfortable, a black beanie can go along with any look. 
Pictured above is the My Society Co. Logo Stitched Beanie. Buy it now from My Society Co.

3. Pullover Crewneck Sweatshirt
Comfortable and understated, a navy or grey pullover sweatshirt is perfect to throw over a henley and under a jacket. Pictured above is the Reigning Champ Navy Crewneck, made in Canada. Buy it now from Reigning Champ.

4. Lightweight Down Vest 
A lightweight down vest is the ideal addition to any winter look for that added warmth. It’s thin enough to fit under jackets, and it can easily fold into your bag if it gets too warm. Pictured above is the Canada Goose Lodge Down Vest, made in Canada. Buy it now from Canada Goose

5. Wool Gloves
You’ll be thankful you have a warm pair of wool gloves when the days get cooler. With these readily available, you won’t need to keep your hands in your pockets all day. Pictured above are the Norse Projects Knitted Yarn Gloves, knitted in Scotland. Buy it from Norse Projects.


6. Cuffed Sweatpants
Switch out your denim for a pair of cozy sweats this winter. Cuffed sweatpants are a great way to show off your sneakers, while staying effortlessly comfortable and stylish. Pictured above are the Raised by Wolves Dawson Sweatpants. Buy it now from Raised by Wolves.


7. Wool Socks
There’s nothing worse than cold feet. Keep your toes warm with a pair of high-quality wool socks. These look superb and can be paired with any footwear.
Pictured above are the Snow Peak blue wool socks. 
Buy it now from Snow Peak.