Walking In A Musical Wonderland

When people have asked if I was “into” musicals I seemed to have brushed them off but have realised a lot of songs from musicals have always been around at prominent moments and milestones in this crazy life so far… and also in cars, in cities, in airports, in libraries… I recommend you put headphones on and dance in front of a mirror.

I lost my mind when I first heard this Beyoncé/Hamilton remix. I fully recommend this if you want fire in your belly and have goals to smash and if Trump is still somehow President. I’m confident it helped me secure an 81 in my final essay and the 89 in my final assignment. Because let’s do things right: 

There are many great covers of ‘Pure Imagination’ from Willy Wonka but this one is my favourite and takes me to snuggling under a blanket by a fire reading a book with my pup on my toes.

This next one might be cheating on the musical front. (Chaplin did theatre, I think this can count on list..?)  It features the monologue from Chaplin’s The Great Dictator and this Caustic Love album came when I first went to New York and it seemed to play everywhere from Queens to Subway trains.  My friend Aisha took me across Brooklyn Bridge the last night I was there and those moments where anything seems possible, so that album reminds me of all those feelings. Retrospectively with Trump as President it takes on a different meaning. 

Don’t tell me you haven’t recreated this on a roof top in Paris and then hidden from the neighbours.  

I’m still yet to choreograph a bunch of wild animals to this

Anastasia was THE musical I was obsessed with as a kid (and I fancied Demetri) and now it’s on Broadway!  All songs from Journey to the Past, Once Upon a December and In The Dark Of The Night deserve attention, but At The Beginning played at the end is what I lived for.

This is a pretty good representation of how men try and control women and I’m all for calling out men on their bullshit and for when they don’t take responsibility. 

My millionth favourite Disney song

Do as Diana Ross and Michael Jackson

My first cassette was the the soundtrack of The Sound of Music and as an only child had full control on the DJ situation in the car

He ran into my knife 10 times.

This always reminds me of my friends Dewi and Luke who I love

Finally, this isn’t a musical theatre song but I love them and they need to write one

Bonus: Whilst at university I simultaneously let my inner Shania Twain fan fly and was waiting for the new Haim album, so this cover they did in the month I graduated with promotion for their new album release was the most perfect. And also there should be a Shania musical (that would impress me much!)