In My Bed


Self portraits scared me for the longest time because they require you to objectively look at yourself to achieve a desired photo as the photographer. Yet, it also requires a confidence in yourself to execute the creative image/concept exactly as you imagined it in your mind as the model. This self portrait series aims to depict what it means to be vulnerable. Not vulnerability with others, which most people would associate with the word, but the vulnerability that comes with spending a full day alone in your own space with music, maybe a book and your own thoughts.

Throughout the process I felt moments of sexual confidence, peace, joy, despair and serenity. Although contradicting at times, my sentiments were also complementary. The pleasure of feeling sexy in my own skin, conflicted with the shame I felt for even feeling sexy in the first place, was brought on by a societal shame that was evidently taking away from how I truly viewed myself as a young-black-female creative; free and powerful. I wanted to get a better understanding of who I am as a creative and who I am as a women. I wanted to explore my natural emotion, natural body and creative mind by becoming vulnerable with myself. I wanted to see if I could capture myself when no one else is around, at my most vulnerable. In my bed.

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