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Mexico City in July

Being in Mexico City, I feel the same longing as when I visited Taiwan during my childhood. It’s the same during my last nights in Taiwan, when I’m not wanting to leave my grandparents’ apartment, listening to the soothing sounds of my grandmother doing laundry, the dim light of the back balcony on. It’s an odd feeling of safety, it’s small instances of belonging, small ways of feeling secure in a foreign place, wishing I could stay but knowing that in the morning or in a few days I will be gone.

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Electra Complex

The moment you are born is the moment you realize what it is you need to survive. And in order to get those things, you need to cry. But the moment that crying fails you is the moment you realize that language exists and that words are indispensable to your survival.

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In My Bed

“This self portrait series aims to depict what it means to be vulnerable. Not vulnerability with others, which most people would associate with the word, but the vulnerability that comes with spending a full day alone in your own space with music, maybe a book and your own thoughts.”

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