Travel to Tokyo, Japan

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We get a little taste of Japan over here across the pond… kimonos, though loosely based, and sushi are not a strange sight. But nothing ever beats the real thing. If you’re looking to fly on over to Tokyo, here are a few things to get you started. 

1.      The best times to travel: anytime! Year-round Tokyo is a beautiful destination (see below for varying things to pack during the different seasons). 

2.     Some suggestions on where to go:

Meji Shrine. It’s relaxing, serene, and boasting beautiful traditional Japanese architecture. Also a lovely spot for you nature-lovers, being surrounded by forest there.

Tokyo Tower. You could say it’s the Eiffel Tower of Japan. Right in the capital, you’ll be in the thick of the city. Mountains have their moments, but a bit of city landscape, especially with the multitude of buildings Tokyo offers is another sight, day or night.

Sukiyabashi Jiro. Watch the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi (envision absolutely fresh, supple fish sliced by deft hands, leading to a craftsmanship in sushi likely to be unmatched), and then imagine being there, and getting to taste that art.

 Shibuya. Night owls, fashionistas, and commotion-cravers alike, this is the place for you. Shibuya is known for being a vibrant centre of fashion and culture; you have to witness this energy.

Yoyogi Park. Not limited to, but suited to be explored on Sundays. Witness some serious street style and have a go at people-watching. 

3.     Some suggestions on what to bring, for an excursion:

  •   Passport
  •  Currency
  •  Medical supplies
  •  Camera
  •   Japanese dictionary
  •  Umbrella (for the wet season)
  •  Cotton clothing (or any breathable clothing for the warm, humid season)
  •   Warm clothing (layers are your friends for the winter season)
  •  Mini towel for drying your hands (many restrooms do not provide paper towels)
  •  A mix of both casual and formal clothing (never know where Tokyo will take you)
  • Mosquito repellent


  • Think small! Don’t overpack (especially if you want room to bring back some goodies).
  • Bring shoes that you can easily slip on and off since you may find yourself taking your shoes off often.

4.     An estimate on cost and expenses:

  •  Airfare: $1000+
  • Hotel rooms: $130+
  • Souvenirs: $50+
  • Daily expenses on food: $75+
  • Shopping and other: $100+
  • Tours: $100+

Be sure to send us a postcard… wish we were there.