New York, New York

Stepping out of the hotel into the bleak streets of New York I could already feel the buzz of the city.

Yellow cabs flew past with every bat of an eyelid. Buildings rose high up above my eye-line. I strained my neck in order to catch a glimpse of the sky high buildings that dominated everything underneath, but it was impossible without lying flat on my back. Looking back, that probably would of made a reasonably good Instagram picture.

After less than 24 hours in the city I was waltzing from block to block, all the time trying not to jaywalk, but knowing full well the locals were easily getting away with it and I probably could too. A sense of urban swagger took over me, as I quickened my step to keep up with the fast pace of the concrete jungle in which I was temporarily existent.

I knew this fast pace lifestyle was something I could adapt to quite naturally. In fact, I already had.

Weaving in and out of pedestrians, with the occasional collision, I noticed one thing. New York is unquestionably polite. It may arguably be the most popular city in the world but you can bet if someone bumps into you youll get a heartfelt, significantly New York sounding apology before the complete stranger who just spoke to you like a high school friend youve not seen in a while gets on with their day.

Stand right here, I promise youll get the best view. is what he said as we boarded the Staten Island Ferry. He, being a middle-aged, well wrapped up New Yorker. Hesitantly, we stepped out the door onto the back of the ferry. I know, I know. Weird old guy asking you to stand with him. Im glad they taught you stranger danger. he joked as our teachers walked by. Luckily, they hadn't taught us enough because soon everyone on the boat seemed to be pushing out the double doors to get a view of Lady Liberty. But we undoubtably had the best view. We stood chatting to the man for a while and he told us he does the trip every week and always enjoyed the view of the statue from the back of the boat. I love how patriotic America is.

New York has long been known as the city that never sleeps. I can reassure you that this is a lie, actually it doesn't even blink.

Jumping into a yellow cab and directing the driver towards to Empire State building I felt like a true New Yorker.  Wed certainly saved the best until last and as we headed 320 metres up. I prepared myself for an incredible view. Stepping out, I was blown away, quite literally, by the awe inspiring view. I could see for miles and miles, bright lights and high rise skyscrapers. Its a view Ill never forget.

Although Ive never even been to America before, let alone New York, everywhere we walked I felt a sense of nostalgia, constantly noticing sights Id seen in movies and on tv. Ive never been to anywhere quite as amazing as New York, and I dont think such place exists.

 It’s safe to say, I left my heart in The Big Apple and one day I need to go and find it.