Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry, not sorry but this is a horribly stupid concept.

A pathetic contradiction that is bluntly American but oh, so modestly Canadian?

A blatant disregard of the rules, immediately after stating the rules demand to be done so?

A reminder of humility but blasé statement of ego? 

‘Hey, President Lincoln, it’s me, John Wilkes Booth. I wanted to tell you how fantastic your policies and progressivism is. But…”

Nope, this statement is not so simple and so generous. It is not an acknowledgment of faults or anything of the sort, rather, it is just an announcement that replaces the finality of when someone might verbally state ‘period’ in the middle of conversation or argument.

Can you not hear Donald Trump *UGH* saying “Sorry, not sorry…” prior to spewing his most recent bout of racist, Islamophobic, ‘Anti-American’ hate speech?

Pardon me for being right (or wrong), here is what I selfishly and, most likely, naively think.

Excuse my ego-centrism, I am going to brazenly puff out my chest and declare something:

Sorry, not sorry but we should leave this phrase in 2015. We should forget of its existence. Shall we move on, into a time of more accepting thoughts, where syntactical guidelines leave no room for such hard headedness? In a time where the SAT is axing hundreds of beautiful words from the vocabulary portion of the examination, we must focus on better using the vocabulary we have and being direct without being inconsiderate. 

Sorry, not sorry; a little sloth dies every time someone utters that phrase.

Max Levine-Poch1 Comment