Photo by Nicole Manago

Photo by Nicole Manago

We move daily. Between commuting to work, running errands, progressing in our careers, and yoga classes, we’re always on the go. Always moving forward.

As doe-eyed, eager-to-please, hyper-informed young professionals, we’re always striving for more. For better jobs, more money, nicer apartments - we’re constantly building our way up, our way forward, our way out.

But certain types of movements are harder than others. Lifting weights is a constant battle, packing to move apartments is always a pain, moving between cities is an even bigger ordeal, and moving on is the hardest of all.

We’re all always pushing forward, upward -- but what happens when you just feel stuck?

Sometimes something just hits you from out of nowhere and leaves you a little bewildered. Whether it’s less than ideal feedback from a manager or an out-of-the-blue text from an ex you thought you were over, sometimes life throws something at you that you’re not ready for. And then what? How do you keep moving? How can one simply “move on”?

The concept of moving on is an interesting thing. Though it’s usually referred to in the context of romantic relationships, sometimes you also have to move on from a toxic friend or a stifling job. Just like an unhealthy relationship, a unstimulating desk job or un-fulfilling friendship also needs to be moved away from. In order to move forward, you need to accept, but let go of, your past.

It’s about knowing yourself and knowing how to embrace the pain, disappointment, or utter shock and manifest those emotions in a positive and productive way. Your body won’t be able to move if your mind and your heart are stagnant.

Moving on isn’t as easy as it sounds. There’s not going to be a 10-step list on Refinery29 that’s going to solve all your problems. But you have to do what’s best for you, and take the time to accept your past decisions, your flaws, and your emotions, before you can keep moving.