Kraft Dinner

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I can’t wait to come home after a tiring day to these cute little gluten filled noodles, shaped like elbows and drizzled in a deliciously unhealthy yellow sauce.

I love KD.

It’s not even a joke.

There was this one time, I saw a buy 5 for $1 at the grocery store and I didn’t even have to think about it. I finished it in a week.

You see, as a University student, there is of course the whole dilemma of ‘time’ and how we don’t have enough of it. In truth, I do not believe it, especially when it comes to getting work done. HOWEVER, there is a special exception when it comes to KD.

It goes something like, “Oh…I don’t have enough time to make dinner…Where’s the KD.”

So I proceed to boil the water, and pour the macaroni in seductively.

I’ll wait patiently and wide-eyed the way a tiger looks at its prey, as the water is drained from my soft and tender noodles.

Then I will dump the cheesy goodness into my landfill of joy and stir it up with some milk and butter.

Lots and lots of butter.

I take a moment to appreciate my divine creation before I pounce and devour my meal. My mind races to comprehend the beauty that is dancing upon my taste buds, in a choreographed contemporary number that brings me to tears.

My stomach is grumbling in glee, and I proceed to slouch back into my chair in a blissful and relaxing itis.

But the moment is short-lived.

I’m going to grocery shopping tomorrow, and I hear they’re having a sale.