Photo by Michael De La Madrid

Photo by Michael De La Madrid

A warning: this rant is a jumble of words that came out. I hope it makes sense, and that you get something out of it. 

This past weekend, I was watching the Coachella live stream on Youtube and Florence + the Machine came on to perform. If you read my last article about Florence (Euphoria), you can tell I am a huge fan, and watching this performance just helped strengthen my love for Florence.  

She began with an interview talking about her new album, and how personal it was, and how this new song she premiered called “Ship to Wreck” was about her own self-destructing habits and destroying the things you’ve created and loved. The video is filmed in her own house which just made it that much more personal and you definitely get and introspective feeling while watching it.  

Florence also talks about how every album is a different phase of herself. This hits me on a very personal level. I have gone through countless phases and I obsess and become someone new every time I discover something new about myself. This is one reason I can relate to her so much.  She has found a way to rediscover herself countless times and create such wonderful music in the process. And I have been along for the ride, changing as her music has changed. 

In a sense, this is what I want to do. I never want to stop creating. Regardless of what medium I am using, I never want to stop. I keep recreating who I am, and learning new things, and changing my career path, because I am always changing. And I don’t think I am the only one out there that is like this. 

Many people are afraid they have only one thing they’re good at, and they spend their lives searching for it and kicking themselves whenever it doesn’t work out. Or worse, they stick with something that doesn’t make them happy, or with whatever comes up first. I would like to think that we should always keep exploring who we are and never regret an experience. Whether it be a job that didn't work out, or school you dropped out, or a relationship that failed, we should never regret the time we gave to those experiences. They helped define who you are - and even if that meant helping you see what wasn’t good for you, it is still a lesson you learned. 

We are always changing. And we must never stop changing. We need to embrace ourselves as ever changing creatures who can like one thing one day, and the next completely hate it.  Fighting against the flow of change is just going to push us back. The world will not stop. Neither should we. We need to keep going with this flow and embrace the changes within ourselves.