Unrequited Love

Photo from weheartit.com

Photo from weheartit.com

I remember when you came into my life. 

You didn't know much about the world and I took you to places you've never been. What was once unfamiliar to you became almost habitual. And in that moment, I saw us spending our whole life together. 

But like any relationship we began to get comfortable as time went by. 
We got petty, angry, and impatient with each other.
You hid things from me and I suppressed all of my anger for you.

When I asked how your day was, all I got in response was a mumble or two in distaste before you walked away and went about your business. 

Communication was hardly present and eventually transformed into a muted stillness. 

Throughout our life together, I didn't know any of your friends but you knew all of mine.

I'd wash up after you, when you were too lazy to do the dishes and cooked for you when you honestly didn't know how.

I drove you everywhere, bought you all the things you wanted and was your main shoulder to cry on. When there was a problem, I would listen to you.

I know I should admit I've had enough, but I will always love you. 

As our paths cross again, I will look at you and smile for the love we share will never end.

Don't forget about me as you reach for the stars - for you are my shining star and I never want to see your shine fade. 

Love always,