The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Valentine’s Day is an emotional time. Whether or not you’re all loved-up for Cupid’s holiday this year, there are a few things to consider: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good:

  • You can wear red and pink together and no one can reprimand you for clashing
  • You’ll likely get free chocolate at the office
  • It’s good for the economy - it gives companies like Hallmark and Dollerama something to market between Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day
  • You can get chocolate for ½ price on February 15th
  • You can be all lovey dovey and romantic for a whole 24 hours (let’s be real, any excuse to watch Love Actually is always welcome)
  • It’s probably the one day a year where kissey couple photos are acceptable on Facebook and/or Instagram

The bad:

  • It’s really hard to get a dinner reservation anywhere nice and roses are exorbitantly priced
  • Valentine’s Day makes single people feel even more painfully single
  • It’s the middle of winter so fun date activities are more limited
  • The hype around the whole “holiday” sets very unrealistic expectations
  • The most cliche engagement stories always happen on V-Day
  • You have to pretend to actually like, Facebook like, and/or double tap to “heart” other people’s happy, mushy photos of the roses and chocolates their S.O. gave them

The ugly:

  • Red and pink are worn together and never the twain should meet
  • You can do your hair and makeup all you want, but it’s probably going to be -30 degrees and not even waterproof mascara will be able to help you
  • It’s sometimes referred to as “Singles Appreciation Day” which makes you hate the day even more
  • There is a good chance that, at some point throughout the day if you live near a mall, you’ll see a rotund, fully grown man wearing a diaper and wings trying to shoot arrows at you (which, quite frankly, sounds terrifying)
  • You have to hear people use phrases like “S.O.”
  • The hearts with the little love messages on them taste like chalk

So whether you’re out on the town being wined and dined by your one true love this V-Day, or at home with your cat watching Friends season 2 on Netflix, please take note of the different factors that all contribute to what makes the Day of Love so special. Which side are you on?