The Funk Shall Be Within You

by Viray Bautista

by Viray Bautista

"The bounce come and go, but the groove remains forever." 
Snoop Dogg

The groove must remain within all of us. It is the thing that makes us move naturally. So, here are a couple of tracks that get me moving no matter what mood I am in!

1. One Way - Push: 

Usually when I have a bad day (which gratefully I have not had in a very long time), I would listen to this track to keep my spirits up. There is just something about the synth line at 1:56 that taps into my soul. 

2. Tuxedo - The Right Time: 

This is my favorite track at the moment. I played it during my live shows a couple of times, and the vibes are astonishing. Everyone switches into this groove; this feeling of love. Plus, the love message in this correlates very well with my life right now. 

"Loving everything that you got"

3. Snoop Dogg - Peaches N Cream:

That. Bassline. And. That. Catchy. Chorus

4. 7 Days of Funk - Hit Da Pavement: 

This is my, "I want you to hate on me" track. 

5. Funkadelic - Radio Friendly:

No group is funkier than Funkadelic. Whenever I listen to this track, I imagine driving around Los Angeles. It makes me dance but then again something about it feels so dark. Hearing "Radio Friendly DJ spin me for the funk" being chanted over and over again is so haunting. 

6. DJ Quik - Pitch In OnA Party:

Quik is one of my earliest influences. He is definitely underrated, as I consider him the best producer during the G-funk era. (Sorry Dre)

7. Snoop Dogg - Let's Get Blown:

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell are one of, if not, the greatest duo in the 21st century. These two always provide smooth and sexual vibes. 

8. De La Soul - Me, Myself & I:

Daaaaaaaaaaamn. I have not heard this track in a long time, and as I was making this list, I had to include it! The Funkadelic sample is amazing. (Check it out here:

I would've chosen the original, but something about De La Soul's captivates this positivity during the 90's. Which is ironic because the lyrics state otherwise.