Kassandra Williams: A Dancer and Innovator

“My brother inspired me to dance. I always admired his drive to do what he’s passionate about, and he is one of my biggest inspirations today.”

Kassandra Williams is a hot shot. After joining a dance club in high school, she never stopped working hard to perfect her craft. Now after 5 years, she teaches younger kids and competes in numerous dance competitions in Toronto.

This powerhouse does not stop here. Aside from being a hip-hop dancer, Kassandra is also an innovator. Her growth has inspired many people, including me. 

“My favourite thing about dance is the ability to express an emotion that would be hard to explain in words.”

During our art exhibit/launch party last Friday, she performed to a One Direction song cover by Samm Henshaw.  The way she moved to the music had everyone in awe.  Her dynamic and calculated moves were nothing short of extraordinary, and the work she puts in pays off in every performance. 

When Kassandra’s not dancing, she does some pretty normal things like napping, eating (mostly ramen and/or pandesal), or working. But the most important things she does outside of dance are creating and laughing. It just goes to show you that we are all human, and it is important to not forget that as we strive for greatness. 

“If you want to start dancing, just do it! You’ll be amazed on how your body can move. It definitely made me appreciate all forms of art, and become more open minded.”