The smell of bacon, eggs and pancakes bring me back to waking up late on the weekend and having brunch with my grandparents. Something about these foods scream comfort, and happiness. 

But where did this meal even come from? Not many people know unfortunately - like most food creations, the roots are hard to trace. A lot of people believe it was from church goers who would not eat before mass and then have a bigger meal afterwards. Others say it was during the hunting season, men use to have a giant meal before going out.  

Regardless of how it came to be, it has exploded into a phenomenon, and I am most grateful for it. Brunch is one of those meals that brings people together - it can be in the late morning after a night of partying with friends, or during a family get together on the weekend. You can have brunch with simply one person who decided to stay the night, or with the one person you decided to spend your life with. Brunch can even be just for yourself - a special way to treat yourself for the handwork of the week. One thing is for sure, whether you are hung over, too sober, over tired, or well rested, brunch has the ability to bring you joy. 

It’s a meal that can consist of many things, from eggs and bacon, to fresh fruits, to avocado on toast, or yogurt with granola. Despite its many forms, brunch brings a sense of home and relaxation.  

I have decided to treat myself to brunch at least once a month.  It can be simple toast with a fried egg, or an extravagant affair with pancakes, fruit salad, yogurt and fresh coffee. As long as I am indulging myself in this small way, it does not matter what I eat. Having this sense of relaxation is what gives me joy, and I am choosing let myself feel happy.  

To put it simply, life is full of small pleasures, brunch being just one of them. And it is important to let yourself enjoy these small pleasures. It is what makes us who we are. Big events define us, but it is the little things that shape who we are. Life is just too short not to enjoy the small things.

Danny CardosoComment