"Hot Night" - A Short directed by Mashie Alam

"Hot Night" is a voyeuristic and sultry short film that shows a young woman coming home and getting ready for what seems to be a sexy valentine’s date night. The film's dimly lit, with red light accents, and consists of detailed close ups of a woman's physique.


We get to see her undress, take a bath, drink, get dressed, and we get a romantic and sultry view of her night in her dimly lit apartment. The music by Luke James, the film noir lighting, and the playful glimpses all suggest that she is about to go on a hot date. 

But in the end it is revealed that she was simply loving her own company and is enjoying a night alone! It gives us a really tasteful and suggestive perspective of a woman treating herself to her own company and loving herself! It's about self love! 


Watch Hot Night by Mashie Alam:

Directed by: Mashie Alam (Read our Q&A with Mashie here.)
Shot by: Thomas Van Der Zaag  http://thomasvanderzaag.com/
Starring: Ivany Schrag
Music by: Luke James
Film Processed by: Niagara Custom Lab
Film Scanned by: Frame Discreet
Special Thanks to: LIFT

Shot on the Canon Scoopic 16 mm camera.