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Interview: Nicolette Thai

“Social media is a huge part of the industry. Most of my jobs have actually come from people I’ve met on Instagram and from agencies viewing my page. You see bloggers, influencers, photographers dominating the creative industry in fashion and photography. Having a great number of followers and a large audience can take you far into the industry, but I do think that there is an expiry date.”

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Ankle: Photography by Lawrence Fafard

Ankle is a project based in Montreal. Inspired by workwear, I handpick vintage goods based on quality of material, functionality and durability. My thought-process behind every vintage find is based on the same grounds: the quality of materials, the durability of the piece and the functionality of its design. I want women to feel comfortable in something that is both practical and long-lasting; thus, the merging of workwear and womenswear.

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Interview: Sevan Ichkhanian

"I’ve always liked taking photos. I remember in elementary school I would always be the one with the camera, always be the one taking photos at recess and bringing a camera to parties, making all the Facebook albums and editing everyone’s profile pictures. I think something small like that stemmed into what I’m doing now. I really like the idea of capturing moments, I always want to remember everything, and when I tell a story I want to have a visual beside it.

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