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Seeking Solace in Soukayna’s WORDS

While picnicking in the lush inner city retreat that is Mont Royal Park, Soukayna hands me a copy of her recently self-published book, WORDS. The book, a cardinal hue with muted white line drawings, contains a collection of writing that addresses themes of home, identity, trauma, and recovery. The first page reads “To every soul who has ever felt alone, or lost themselves in a darkness bigger than the love they carry.” But more than anyone, WORDS was written for Soukayna, the author herself. Still, it’s amazing how a collection of poetry and prose, so deeply personal and intimate, can resonate with you.

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Interview: Sevan Ichkhanian

"I’ve always liked taking photos. I remember in elementary school I would always be the one with the camera, always be the one taking photos at recess and bringing a camera to parties, making all the Facebook albums and editing everyone’s profile pictures. I think something small like that stemmed into what I’m doing now. I really like the idea of capturing moments, I always want to remember everything, and when I tell a story I want to have a visual beside it.

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