Ankle: Photography by Lawrence Fafard


Ankle has been an organic entity from the beginning, changing and adapting along the way. Two years ago, I launched the project to discuss womenswear wonders from a tomboyish perspective. There were a lot of trials and errors, but it eventually grew into something that I felt confident about.

Quite frankly, I took things slow. We often put too much pressure on ourselves to get something right from the start, don’t we? I realized very soon in the creative process that letting go could take me to places I didn’t even think existed in the first place.

Slowing down ended up being intertwined in the core fabric of Ankle. 

As slow fashion was gaining ground in my closet, it also took over my project. I wanted to sell garments that I liked, but didn’t want to make them from scratch, with new materials. Instead, I went and got lost in thrift stores and flea markets to find second hand goods deserving a second chance; and the answer was so positive that I haven’t stopped since then.


My thought-process behind every vintage find is based on the same grounds: the quality of materials, the durability of the piece and the functionality of its design. I want women to feel comfortable in something that is both practical and long-lasting; thus, the merging of workwear and womenswear.

But really, I have to thank true organic beings - friends and collaborators, such as Lawrence Fafard who shot these wonderful pictures - for shaping what Ankle has become.

Instagram: @aaankle