SOLITUDE - A Short Performance Trilogy (2018)

I make art which reflects my viewpoint on life; I am strange and unusual but the world around me in just the same. Everyday objects and environments with emotive or kitschy connotations are the main subjects of my work. I use craft materials and take a hand-made, personal approach when making to allow hints of my own humor to seep into each project.

When making this trilogy my aim was to capture moments of being alone with myself. But as with most of my artwork, it would not be what it seems. The trilogy became moments of being alone with myself when I am not actually myself. The line between real and fictional became blurred and I loved that.

The three short-films follow my persona, “the unreliable narrator” as she explores many uninhabited Canadian sites. These places are sentimental to me, including my grand-parents backyard, the conservation area I went to on my first date, fields, roads and parks I have passed for most of my life.

The act of exploring these sites as “her” changes the familiar to the strange. I can’t begin to explain my fascination with hills and mountains, with snow and rubble, or street signs and 80s clothing, but I hope when people watch my work they feel both unsettled and entertained.

The series at its core is a study of my rural world through this persona and it is the first instalment into a series of narratives that evoke a science-fiction inspired world filled with oddities, humor, nostalgia, kitsch, loneliness and some horror.