Ode To Her

I’m a firm believer that pain is a catalyst for creativity. It’s been several years since I lost my grandmother to Lymphoma. To this day, I still haven’t entirely gotten over the loss. Every now and then when I need strength, she has somehow always manifested in my creations. 
I made this photo series to commemorate my grandmother during a time where I felt her spirit the most in my life. I've included items that my grandmother gave me before she passed, along with colours that embody her. Some of the best memories I had with my grandmother was when we gardened together. My grandmother had a beautiful garden that mostly consisted of warm toned orange and red flowers. Later in life, I would realize that her warm toned garden best described her warm personality. My face is intentionally not the focus in the photos. All poses seen are what I believe would capture my grandmother's femininity and her elegance that I can still clearly remember. The flowers not only represent her garden, but it represents the flowers I wish I could still give her.