She’s Got Wonder is a safe space for emerging artists to showcase, collaborate, get inspired, and feel empowered without fear or judgment.

Why does She’s Got Wonder exist?

We know the feeling of not being good enough or not qualified to pursue an art career or questioning if we should even consider ourselves as artists. 

The art world can feel polarizing or inaccessible to new emerging artists. We know what it’s like to feel too self-conscious or too under qualified to pursue an art career because we're going through it too.

If you are a new artist (or have ever questioned whether you can even identify as an artist in the first place), SGW is an inclusive and safe space for you to showcase your work without fear or judgment.

Our website started off as an online magazine called Heights where we featured creatives such as ToThe9s, Vinny Balbo, Aaron Vasquez, Som Kong, etc., and also shared our thoughts, feelings and inspirations based on monthly themes. As of December 2017, we've relaunched our website and shifted our focus on emerging womxn, genderqueer, gender non-conforming artists.


Who can submit to She’s Got Wonder?
We accept submissions from womxn, genderqueer, gender non-conforming folks.

Can cis or trans men submit to She’s Got Wonder?
Absolutely! We think it’s important to build solidarity across intersections of identity through art, open conversations, and storytelling. Cis and/or trans men are welcome to share work featuring (or in collaboration with) the womxn/genderqueer/gnc folks who have positively impacted their lives. If you have experienced a meaningful relationship or intimate connection with a womxn/genderqueer/gnc person, She’s Got Wonder would like to create space for your stories. Submissions can include journal entries/videos/images/interviews that highlight the voices and lived experiences of marginalized identities from an empowering, non-objectifying standpoint.



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